Where to find the results when using Get CSS Value

I am using Get CSS Value to get the changing of colour of a button once clicked. The tests runs fine and passes but I don’t know where the result of the colour found is? Hope that makes sense.

If the font-size is 20, then the whole keyword will return 20, e.g:

cssValue = WebUI.getCSSValue(findTestObject('Page_CuraAppointment/btn_BookAppointment'), 'font-size')

//Print out 20 in my example

println cssValue


Thanks for the quick response, so in this example

WebUI.getCSSValue(findTestObject(``'Page_CuraAppointment/btn_BookAppointment'``), ``'font-size'``)

if the font size is 20 where will that result be? Or would I have to put 20 instead of ‘font-size’?
If not should I use a different item?
If so which one might be most useful to me?


The result is stored in that keyword itself, if you look at our keyword’s document: https://docs.katalon.com/display/KD/%5BWebUI%5D+Get+CSS+Value


'Get \'font-size\' CSS value of \'Book Appointment\' button'

WebUI.getCSSValue(findTestObject(``'Page_CuraAppointment/btn_BookAppointment'``), ``'font-size'``)