Where is the Katalon documentation for WebUiCommonHelper

Where is the Katalon documentation for WebUiCommonHelper

I couldn’t find it in the below Katalon API doc’s


Hi Focis,

Not all classes are documented in that link.

but you can try to see this git code here by @devalex88. In there you can view the source code of WebUiCommonHelper.

Or, hover your mouse on WebUiCommonHelper and right click then click open declaration.

I’m not sure if there’s an exact documentation for that class, but with that source you can understand whats the use of the methods. Try to ask devalex88 for the documentation.

Hope that helps. . . :slight_smile:

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Thank @Arnel for your prompt reply.

@devalex88 Unable to find documentation for WebUiCommonHelper. Could you please ask the team to update the same.

@devalex88 any update on WebUiCommonHelper documentation? I was searching this in Katalon documentation and got no results found.

@ThanhTo @devalex88 This is damn close to being a doc-bug, in my view. Can this be uplifted to staff-20?

Closing since it says all it needs to say.