Where do I find the webdriver "launch code" in Katalon to set the proxy manually?

Hello Katalon community,

I now spend a lot of hours on Google and here on the forums but had no luck finding a solution.

My problem:
I need to have chrome-headless without proxy, but Katalon needs to have the proxy set for start purpose, loading of plugins, etc…

What I tried:
I added an argument as follows, also tried it with no-proxy-server (meaning without --).
But this does not work.

So I thought it might be a solution to access the chrome webdriver after

But here I’m absolutely lacking skills. I think at that moment the webdriver instance is already existing.
So how can I access it like

Do you have any alternatives?

Thank you very much, great community and software.

Keep it up!

As the issue seems to be more general and my suggestion also is “just another workaround”,
I openend an issue on Github.

_Issues · katalon-studio/katalon-studio · GitHub

You might start here?