When can we expect support for multilevel of nested Shadow DOM

Finally I have developed a plugin Plugin


Hi Sushil

Thanks for developing a plugin and making it available. I’m aware this is supposed to be used as a keyword but it does not popup under the suggestions section when we add a keyword. Is there something I’m missing? I can see that I’ve installed the plugin under the Manage plugins section and also reloaded it but the suggestions just don’t pop up

I’ve attached a screenshot of the DOM structure of the application I’m currently working on. Will the keywords which you have developed be useful in such cases?
Basically, the shadow-root (user-agent) is at the very end and there is nothing under that hidden DOM structure.

Hi Yeshwanth,
What do you mean by suggestion section, if you are using manual mode then you can add custom keywords and then all the custom keywords should be visible as suggestion.

Yes it works with all shadow dom either it is (root) or (user-agent). What do you want to do with blank shadow node?

Hi Sushil,

I’ve tried adding the keyword using the Custom Keywords section and we don’t get any suggestions. I’ve tried this on a couple of my colleague’s machine as well and we are not able to find the keywords.
The plugin can be found under the ‘Utilities’ section in the Katalon store. As a result, I feel the keywords might not be available.
Let me know if I’m doing anything wrong here.
Attaching a screenshot of the plugins installed.

Hi Sushil,

Installed Multi-Level Shadow DOM Automation Plugin but when i tried to Reload Plugins from katalon store unable to reload the same, attached the screenshot. (Current katalon version used : 6.3.2)

Hi @Rekha_G,

Please update you katalon version and try again. If still don’t work then uninstall the plugin and install it again.

Hello All,

I have updated the plugin to resolve selenium dependency and also added implicit and explicit waits to synchronize your steps.