What virtual machine is being used for remote execution?

I am trying to run my katalon scripts somewhere other than my local machine but I don’t have a physical second machine to run them on. I downloaded virtualbox to see if I could set up a VM to run them on but I wanted to verify if this is the correct solution or if other people have a different way of doing it?

I was able to configure my katalon to run remote scripts with selenium grid. I just need a machine to run them now.

We ended up using TFS to define a build definition with katalon and run the scripts. Seems to work pretty well.

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We do this kind of thing all the time. With our Jenkins CI, we have multiple clients that have scheduled builds that happen around the same time. Our solution for this is to use VMs.

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I’m using two kinds of VMs for testing - Docker and VirtualBox - and both are working well. I wrote this tutorial using an Ubuntu guest on VirtualBox.

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assert docker != VM
assert docker == container