What is this ICON in Katalon Studio

Does anyone know what this ICON
is and why I have so many showing up recently?

For urgent matters (looks like you are too busy to bring relevant data) kindly contact Business Support, provided you own a licence.

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Thank you for your reply. Was just wondering if anyone knew what the Icon stood for. Cannot locate anything in Katalon Docs that references this icon.

Where are you finding the ICON?

They are all appearing at the very bottom of the folder navigator under the Plugins folder. I want to say they are all screenshots that I am grabbing in some of my test cases but if I try to move them to a folder I am unable to because Katalon says they are null value.

This is the response I received from support.

It’s a “grab-all” icon for files that, from Katalon’s perspective, don’t have any meaning to your project. I have tons of them (*.json, *.xml, *.log etc.)

I don’t know. That might be a question for you :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile: Will look into it.