What is the syntax for chrome desired capabilities web ui, unexpectedAlertBehaviour

Hey folks,

just had a quick question. How does “unexpectedAlertBehaviour” syntax actually look like? How do I set this up in my project? I’m having a very big issue regarding alerts and them disappearing while testing. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea why my alerts aren’t working and how to properly use “unexpectedAlertBehaviour=ignore”.

hope this helps, my solution is near the bottom, it’s ugly but it works for me

Alerts are displayed, but disappear before I can accept it - Katalon Studio / Tracked Bug Reports - Katalon Community

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Hi there,
For the unexpectedAlertBehaviour desired capability, this is Selenium desired capabilities but it is not Chrome or Firefox args so we can set it as root desired cap.

For Chrome specifically, we need to set both unexpectedAlertBehaviour and unexpectedAlertBehaviour desired capabilities as the same value. The value should be one of these:

accept and notify
dismiss and notify


Thank you for you help. That worked for me!

This is not working for me I added the same capabilities shown in the screenshot. Please let me know anything else