What is the purpose of the Data/Variable Binding feature?

I want to use Data Files in my test script. The Suite section has a “Data/Variable Binding” feature in which you can take certain Data Files to somehow be connected to the given Suite/Case. But what is the purpose of this feature? I can’t find any documentation. This page discusses it, but doesn’t actually tell you what’s it for.


you take a read this page

you can load to excel, csv and another file extension

I tried excel load and export test, just successful

@3466-IlyaNovak The documentation tells you how to set up various Data Files, but it doesn’t really explain WHY. I suppose that is mostly determined by your requirements and imagination. :slight_smile:

For my current project (automating the download of hundreds of data files), I use Data Files in two ways: for configuration/customization and as a checklist.

Config/Customization: I will be handing this project off to some less-technical coworkers. Some of the links (reports that my Test Suites will click on) will be named differently from month to month. They will be able to edit a single Data File to update the names of those reports so the Test Cases continue to find the right data.

Checklist: The website I am automating has the annoying habit of sometimes hanging (endless “loading” screen; doesn’t recover) and occasionally will report an error due to a database deadlock. In addition, our users don’t actually need all of the available data selections from these reports.

So, I use a spreadsheet Data File as a checklist of the data selections they DO need. At the end of the main Test Case (which is automatically repeated for each row of data), I mark that row as successful. One of the last Test Cases saves the changes to the Data File.

The users will check if there were any failures; if so, they just run the whole Test Suite again (the main Test Case skips most of the steps if the data row was already successful).

I use data binding so I can test different data combinations with a single Test Case within a Test Suite. So if my data sheet has 50 rows, my test case executes 50 times, 1 for each row.