What is the max. size of recording webUI test-case?

max size of the web browser based test-execution.

You can make multiple Test Cases into a Test Suite and run it as one “package”. So if you get “Code size too large” for one Test Case, then create another Test Case and copy and paste any code over 300 lines (my personal limit–I don’t know KS’s limit) into the next Test Case. Then create a Test Suite that runs all Test Cases, like “TC part1”, “TC part2”, etc…

Afterwards, you can even create Keywords (smaller subsets of a Test Case) and “called” Test Cases (a full or partial Test Case) to break your test script into smaller bits.

@gaurav.bhati the limit came from JVM.
see: Method code too large

so, as advised, avoid recording large ‘sessions’, split your testcases in ‘stages / steps’ etc.