What is the best way to learn automation testing?

Can somebody tell me what’s the best possible way to learn automation testing and also get certified in it?

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Hi @sarfaraz.akram You can start here: Learning Test Automation: Becoming a Test Automation Engineer - Testmo. Also do some Google and Phind.com searches. Good luck.

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Hi @sarfaraz.akram, on Katalon Academy, there are currently two learning paths for beginners, using Katalon for automated web and API testing. They should give you a good start.

And there is also Katalon Certification Program. You will need to use Katalon to complete certain test automation activities and then get certified for your hands-on experience.

Hope these help.


If you want to learn automation with Katalon.
just visit our academy and go through our certifications. We have some new certifications coming out soon too :wink:

If you want to learn other tools outside of the Katalon experience, just reply below to what that is and I’ll send you where you need to be.

Happy to help you in your testing journey !

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Another aspect to learn automation testing is to learn how to locate the elements on the web page. For that, you can review the following links:

Find by CSS (on this forum thanks to @Russ_Thomas):

(on this forum thanks to @Dave_Evers):

Find by XPath:



If you want to learn automation especially Katalon.then you can go katalon academy and enrollfree courses and after completing courses, start recording of test cases.
To learn how to locate the elements on the web page.
Lastly dedication, Discipline and continuity.:slight_smile:


How about this Manual Testing Course?