Weekly Katalon FAQs (15) - Katalon Store & Plugins

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48. What is Katalon Store
47. Katalon Plugins
49. How to Use Plugins

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48. What is Katalon Store

Katalon Store contains many plugin extensions that users can install and extend Katalon Studio’s capabilities and integrate the software with any of your preferred tools. Some plugins are exclusive to Katalon Studio Enterprise users, while others are free to the community. You can trial the Enterprise plugin for 30 days. After the period is over, you need to subscribe to Katalon Studio Enterprise to continue using it.

The Katalon team or community users developed many plugins published on Katalon Store. Here are some documents to check for any users who are interested in developing and publishing their plugins:

You can publish your plugin by going to Katalon Store and clicking on the “Publish plugins” on the home page:

:point_right: For more detail, you can check this Katalon Academy course on how to create and publish custom keywords as plugins.

47. Katalon Plugins

Available Integration Plugins

  • Jira Integration - Link to Jira tickets, sync results, and submit issues.
  • Slack Integration - Stay on track of execution results on your Slack channel.
  • BrowserStack Integration - BrowserStack Connect is a plugin developed for Katalon Studio. It allows you to use the BrowserStack Devices Farm from automated test cases.
  • TestRail Integration - Link to TestRail test cases and test suites. Send results and provide TestRail query standards.

:exclamation:For the whole list, check the link provided below this post.

Extension to Katalon’s Functionalities Plugins

This plugin enables basic search capabilities to look for test cases faster in Katalon Studio and helps filter which test cases to be executed.

This plugin allows you to configure the execution timing in Test Suite Collection through the Test Suite Scheduling View.

This plugin allows you to manage test cases better in Katalon Studio by manipulating tag properties. You can manipulate tag properties by utilizing existing tag values to save time and view the list of tags.

49. How to Download and Install Plugins

First, go to Katalon Store and pick any plugin you want to install:

After installation, you can check if the plugin is active:

Return to Katalon Studio, click on your profile and reload the plugins to enable it:

:pushpin: These information is an excerpt of the Katalon Documentations Using Plugins and Integration Plugins.

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