Weekly Katalon FAQs (13) - Mobile Testing (The Biometric Authentication in Mobile Testing)

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43. iOS Simulator - Perform Touch ID
44. Android Emulator - Use FingerPrint Keyword

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43. iOS Simulator - Perform Touch ID

:bangbang: Pre-conditions:

  • Enterprise license
  • Install Xcode

I. Build .app file

Here is the Demo Project link.

Step 1: Select a kind of Simulator that you want to build .app file

Step 2: Select team for target

Step 3: Press command + B to build

Step 4: Open the folder to get the .app file

II. Enroll Touch ID

:warning: Note: Should ENROLL when the simulator is launched by the scripts.

Currently, we only support TouchID. Also, should find devices that support TouchID like iPhone 8 and iPhone SE.

III. Video Demo (iOS)

Here is the video Demo link in detail.

44. Android Emulator - Use FingerPrint Keyword

:bangbang: Precondition: Enterprise license

I. Set up fingerprint in the Android Emulator

Step 1: Create an emulator having Fingerprint settings like Pixel 3 API 30

Step 2: Follow the screenshot below:

Step 3: We can select one of the options below for screen lock setup

Step 4: Use the adb command to perform touching

//Open terminal
adb -e emu finger touch <finger ID>
//finger ID from 1 to 10
Ex: adb -e emu finger touch 10

:warning: Important note:
Even though the emulator support touching emulating. However, the fingerID is not precise for definition. As you can see that in the terminal, the command includes the FingerID is 10, but the screen shows that the fingerID is 1. Therefore, we should use the command to make sure the number of fingerID that we want to define.

II. Sample Application

Here is the Sample application, please access the link for more detail.

III. Video Demo (Android)

You can view this video link for the Demo.