WebUI.verifyTextPresent() and soft hypens ("­")

I’m trying to dynamically test if a text is present on a website so that I can verify a link leads to the correct page. So I get the text of the link and test it against the headline of the page it leads to.
Unfortunately the headlines are coded with soft hypens (“­”) in between the syllables of the words and the WebUI.verifyTextPresent() doesn’t match up the two versions.
It can’t be too complicated to match a word containing the soft hypens with a version not containing them since the chrome search finds the text without a problem. Is there a way to make Katalon also find the word?

That’s probably true, however, when you’re verifying in a test, you’re typically looking to be exact or very close to exact. Searching a web page (as provided by Chrome or any other browser) is intended for everyday humans who tend not to want absolute exactness.

If you have a complex scenario like you described (soft hyphens between each syllable? That’s crazy!) then you are probably going to have to do that comparison yourself.

Idea: If you know in advance the likely rendition of the text, why not supply that to the comparison in the test?

Lastly, post an example - working blind like this is not easy. Read this post for help providing the information we need: