WebUI.verifyAlertPresent(2) keyword is throwing an error

`WebUI.verifyAlertPresent(2``) keyword is throwing an error

Check the screenshot for Details.

‘browser’ with value ‘Chrome 64.0.3282.167’

‘platform’ with value ‘Windows 10’
‘seleniumVersion’ with value '3.7.1


Alert Error.png

Have you tried a longer timeout? WebUI.verifyAlertPresent(5``) or longer... (15),(30)

Yes, I have increased the timeout.

On the other hand the build in keyword **WebUI.verifyAlertPresent(20**``**),** Shouldn't fail.Since it returns **boolean** --> either **_true_** or **_false_**.

Okay then it sounds like there’s might be a Chrome and/or Katalon issue. Did you upgrade your Chrome recently and then this problem started happening or is this an ongoing issue? If you have previous versions of either you could start by downgrading say Katalon first and testing. If that doesn’t work then downgrade Chrome and try again. It might also be a Windows 10 conflict. Failing that you may have to check with the Katalon folks.

You could also try using IE or Firefox.