WebUI - unable to upload file which is scanned for viruses

I was trying to upload a file from my local to the web page. I’m able to select the file using Robot class, but I’m stuck on a part. When it uploads the file, I see a message in UI that the file is in “scanning for viruses”. But, it doesn’t complete. And I can’t move forward because the file upload is not complete as it’s still being scanned for viruses. (Screenshot attached)
However, in my application, when I open a session manually and upload a file manually, it’s being scanned for say max 2-3 seconds and after that I see the upload is complete. Only, when the session is opened by katalon, I’m not able to complete upload as it gets stuck on scanning.
Can you please help me figure out why would it behave differently when done from automated script as compared to manual ? Is it something related to browser settings when katalon opens it ? and how to handle this part in automated script ?
Please have a look at this. Looking forward to a reply.upload

That’s distinctly possible.

Are there any warnings/errors printed to the DevTools console?

To prove if it’s the browser settings in use when you launch it via Katalon, start your test, then stop it BEFORE you reach the upload file step. Then continue by hand - does the upload complete like this?

I don’t see any warnings or errors in dev tools console for this. And yes, I launched the test via katalon and stopped it before upload. Then, did the upload manually by hand – it still does not complete and gets stuck at the same part for “scanning for viruses”

There must be documentation for that virus scanner. What do your developers have to say about it?

Anything else I’d say would be pure guesswork.

Hey, I ran the script in incognito mode and it works fine. May be some issue with cookies or cache.