WebUI.startSentinel WebUI.waitSentinel

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It would be nice if WebUI could provide something like the answer I proposed in this post natively.

The sentinel name would need to be more robust using perhaps a uuid-based name.

String jsSentinelTest = 'return something !== ""';
String sentinel = WebUI.startSentinel("russ", jsSentinelTest)
WebUI.waitSentinel(sentinel, TIMEOUT_SECONDS)

jsSentinelTest can be as complex as required.

String sentinel becomes "russ" + uuid (without hyphens maybe)

WebUI.waitSentinel waits max TIMEOUT_SECONDS for jsSentinelTest to return true.

WebUI.startSentinel sets up the sentinel value on the browser’s window object (if needed, because the jsSentinelTest may be enough).


Code Comment
jsSentinelTest Executable JavaScript string which returns true when a process is complete.
WebUI.startSentinel(String name, String jsSentinelTest) Sets up a sentinel with the given name. Returns the fully qualified name: name+uuid
WebUI.waitSentinel(String name, int timeout = 20) Waits until the named sentinel returns true.
WebUI.waitSentinel(String name, int timeout = 20, int initialDelay = 0) Pauses initialDelay seconds then waits until the named sentinel returns true.

I wrote this off the top of my head when the idea struck me - it could be complete nonsense or I may have missed something :upside_down_face:

Note: You may prefer state everywhere I stated sentinel (waitState, etc). I prefer sentinel, it’s more generic.

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