[WebUI] Smart Wait Function

Hi @sshejwal

I cannot reproduce this on my side. Please send us the log under Help > Error Log when this issue happens. Also I notice in the picture you post the path references a 6.3.1 version of Katalon Studio, are you certain that you’re using the latest version ?

Hi ThanhTo,

Thanks for your reply.
as requested please find attached error log file and latest screenshot.

error log.txt (12.7 KB)

Note-I am able to execute test cases successfully with Firefox browser and facing issue with Chrome browser.

Hi @sshejwal

Can you look under the path specified within the error to see if there’s a manifest file ? If there is then please send it here. Also, please try to switch to a user folder (Download folder for example) to see if the problem is resolved.

Hi ThanhTo,

manifest file is not present at given location.

Hi @sshejwal

Where is your Katalon Studio located ? Can you try to move it to a different locationb ?

Is there any way to completely disable Smart Wait? Failing that, an option to disable the Smart Wait extension?

The browser extension is causing issues for us, even though it has been turned off by default in Project > Settings > Execution > Default Smart Wait.

Hi @tangr6

Why do you think the extension is causing the trouble even if it’s turned off ? What are the troubles ?

It causes our file upload applet to hang indefinitely. Our current workaround has been to disable the extension in the manifest for the Chrome driver.

We were just wondering if it was possible to disable it in a less messy way…

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We have already done this. This turns off smart wait by default, but the extension is still there, which is the thing causing issues.

Does this feature - that it waits for element to be clickable before clicking, only start from 7.0.0 or was it also in 6.3.3 ?


It’s available from 7.0 onward.


We will add an option to start a browser without Smart Wait extension in the upcoming release.

Thank you !


Hi @tangr6 ,

In 7.1 if you want to completely handle the waiting issues on your own, then you can disable installing Smart Wait extension by Project > Settings > Execution. More info about Katalon 7.1 is available in the release note

Thanks !


What if page is not loaded completely,But I get my element ,something like.
Does it wait till page will be static or it will perform action on element


It will try to wait until the page become static befor performing actions on an element.

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Russ_Thomas and Brandon_Hein did a surgery on the SmartWait function.

They found the implementation code and reviewed it.

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The doc says Smart Wait is only available on Chrome and Firefox. Will Smart Wait also work on the new Edge Chromium browser?

Hi Kevin,

We have an update on this in v8.2.0 recently, Smart Wait is now also on Edge Chromium

Please first check out the release note and click here to download if you want to try out version 8.2.0 (stable).



Smart Wait Function sometimes confuses you when you are not aware that Smart Wait is enabled in your project.