WebUI.selectAllOption slow execution


When WebUI.selectAllOption is called on a select tag that has enabled multiple item selection, the selection is really slow and the items are selected one by one. There is the gif demonstrating the problem at the bottom of this post. This is painfully long when there is a list of 50+ items.

I was using Firefox in this example. I have also tried Chrome and same problem. I have found another solution via JS but I would like to do it with katalon keywords if possible. I don’t know is this katalon bug or is this expected behavior.

Any info is appreciated.

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Makes me wonder what Katalon is doing behind the scenes – it’s is evidently checking the options off one by one… ridiculous.

Report a bug, Ismar, and for now, use the selectAll api in JavaScript (a perfectly valid approach).

Hi Russ

Yeah, you can even see it in log editor that it is checking one by one. Maybe it is related to selenium and not katalon? (just guessing). Anyway thanks for your input, I will create a discussion in bug category, and stick to my current JS solution.

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