[WebUI] Authenticate Truncates URL Query String Params

I’ve noticed this a while ago, but if you attempt to authenticate with a URL that has query string parameters, the Authenticate step will truncate/cutoff the query string parameters. There is an annoying work around which requires an additional step to navigateToUrl again which lengthens the script having to load a page multiple times.

I couldn’t find anything about this in the forum or elsewhere, can this be looked into for a fix it would be greatly appreciated?

Still no feed back on this. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Is there a fix for this soon?

If you want to authenticate on url https://www.url.com/?query-string-parameters the “?query-string-parameters” is cut off the page load of the url


Can you elaborate on the use case, i.e, why do you need to include query parameters into the URL when authenticating ?

Absolutely! Our use case requires testing using query string parameters to toggle code features on or off. We are also required to authenticate to access majority of our pages. To reduce execution times and efficiency it would be a nice option to hit the URL directly with our query string parameters and authenticate. Currently we have 2 work arounds, 1) Authenticate, then use navigateToUrl w/ query param (wasted execution time) 2) pass the creds through url https://username:password@somesite.com (useful, but not sure how long that will be browser supported?)

We’ve been moving to option 2 to reduce execution times so we’re not loading the site twice, and so we have headless browser flexibility as the authentication step does not work if using headless or even locally on some Macs. I just thought in the event we needed to use this builtin keyword, being able to pass query params to the Url should work.


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@Russ_Thomas interestingly enough, this still appears to work across all recent browsers. This is also interesting, because headless authentication, if/when this officially deprecates or stops working, how does Katalon Studio handle authenticating in a headless browser?

Among the browser manufacturers, there is a mantra:

  Don’t break the web

This is not like changing how elements/tags might work (or not) within an HTML document, the URI components are used in many disparate ways across the internet/web. So yes, it’s likely it will work for some time, perhaps even some notional kind of “forever”.

It is officially deprecated. There is no “higher authority” here than Tim Berners-Lee (he invented the www) and the IETF.

The mechanics are unknown to me but the essential mechanisms are present with or without the browser “chrome” (the UI). How Katalon does what it does in this regard? I’ll defer to @ThanhTo.

Thank you for the feedback @Russ_Thomas.