[Webinar] Revolutionizing Testing with Generative AI

4 speakers + collab

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How can AI transform testing today and tomorrow?

Learn from the experts at Katalon and Infosys as they share their insights on the latest AI innovations, trends, and use cases in software testing. Discover how AI can help you improve your test automation and quality, and get a holistic view of AI’s impact on testing.

Join us in this session and see how you can leverage AI for your testing needs.

Key takeaways

  • Evolution of Testing with AI: Understanding the journey of AI in testing, from the first tools to the latest Generative AI advancements.
  • Real-World Applications: Insights into current projects that demonstrate AI’s efficacy in improving test automation and accuracy.
  • Integration Strategies: Practical approaches to overcoming the complexities of adopting AI within existing testing frameworks.
  • Future Outlook: Expert predictions on AI trends and how to prepare for the shift towards private, domain-specific LLMs within enterprises.

Our speakers

Harleen Bedi Lucio Daza Alex Martins Mike Verinder
Harleen Bedi - Head of Technology Innovations & Consulting at Infosys Lucio Daza - Vice President of Product Marketing at Katalon, Inc. Alex Martins - Vice President of Strategy at Katalon, Inc. Mike Verinder - Chief Community Advocate at Katalon, Inc.
Harleen is a senior information technology leader focused on developing and selling IT offerings in quality engineering space related to AI, Cloud, Big Data and other emerging technologies. She also develops, articulates and deploys QE strategy and innovations for enterprises, and facilitates execution of strategy to meet business objectives for clients. Lucio has over 16 years of experience in the software industry in multiple roles as a solution architect, product and marketing manager. At Katalon, he leads the Product Marketing team to show the value of products to enterprises around the globe. Alex is a seasoned leader in the technology industry with extensive international business experience in agile software engineering, continuous testing, and DevOps. Starting out as a developer and then moving into software testing, Alex rose through the ranks to build and lead quality engineering practices across multiple enterprise companies from different industries around the world. Throughout his career, Alex has led the transformation of testing and quality assurance practices, as well as designing enhanced organizational structures to support the culture change necessary for successful adoption of modern software engineering approaches such as Agile and DevOps, and how these are being further transformed with Generative AI. Mike Verinder is the Chief Community Advocate at Katalon. Mike has 20+ years of experience in digital technology. He is an expert in Automation, Cloud services, AI DevOps, Digital Transformation, and more. Mike also founded and has managed the Selenium Automation Users Community of 181K+ members.

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Very good fireside with @mike.verinder, @lucio and friends.

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Glad to see you enjoyed the webinar, Russ. Feel free to let us know which topic you would like to see our team discuss in the next Fireside chat :smile: