[Webinar] Optimize Software Quality with AI: A User-Centric Approach


Discover how Quality Engineering can proactively improve system requirements and align testing with actual user journeys. In this webinar, learn from Curiosity and Katalon experts how to:

  • Shift quality focus left and right, refining system requirements.
  • Utilize real-world user behavior for targeted test generation.
  • Apply practical usage data to safeguard users from the negative impacts of system changes.

Key takeaways from our live demo

  1. Collaborative, AI-assisted diagramming: Learn how to fill gaps in requirements, combining information from across sources to create unambiguous specifications.
  2. Automated test generation: Discover how to create the smallest set of tests needed to “cover” requirements and at-risk logic, finding bugs while they are affordable to fix.
  3. Real user monitoring: Add real user behaviours to your feedback loop, identifying common user journeys and ensuring that they are not impacted by new releases.

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Our speakers

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Alex Martins - VP of Strategy, Katalon Ben Johnson-Ward - VP, Solutions Engineering at Curiosity Software
Alex is a seasoned leader in the technology industry with extensive international business experience in agile software engineering, continuous testing, and DevOps. Starting out as a developer and then moving into software testing, Alex rose through the ranks to build and lead quality engineering practices across multiple enterprise companies from different industries around the world. Throughout his career, Alex has led the transformation of testing and quality assurance practices, as well as designing enhanced organizational structures to support the culture change necessary for successful adoption of modern software engineering approaches such as Agile and DevOps, and how these are being further transformed with Generative AI. Ben has spent the past 12 years pioneering testing tools and techniques for global banks, retailers, insurance companies, telcos and beyond. He has occupied many of the roles associated with “quality”, including developer, product owner, product manager, automation engineer and tester. Ben has often gravitated towards model-based testing and test data. He has worked as a product manager and consultant of tools that have been used to create and optimize tests for many different technologies and projects. Since August 2022, Ben has focused on the use of Generative AI for testing, serving as a product manager and services engineer for multiple tools. He has explored the fringe possibilities and disruptive capabilities of AI, alongside techniques which are emerging as enterprise-ready.

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