[Webinar] From Manual to Automated Testing: Live Demo of Web Testing Automation

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Monty Bagati (@Monty_Bagati), one of our Katalon Creators, is back at it again with another exclusive webinar with HSBC to help their QA teams get started with Automation testing using the Katalon Platform with ease.

In this webinar, Monty will be demoing an Automated Web Testing flow on an e-commerce web application using Katalon Studio, as well as showing the folks at HSBC some of Katalon’s smart features that promise to help you create and maintain your test cases quickly and easily.


Monty Bagati - QA Manager at Cognizant Latvia and Katalon Creator
Monty is an engineering graduate with an MBA in Total Quality Management, and he has worked in the telecom, banking, logistics, and media & entertainment industries across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for the past 15 years. He’s also thought that we should do our best to improve and enhance the user and customer experience through our Software Testing cycles.
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:pushpin: [Updated as of Oct 27, 2023] As this is an exclusive webinar with HSBC, there will not be an invitation link available. However, we will still be posting a short recap of the session afterward.

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