[Webinar] Automate Your API Testing with Ease: The Ultimate Demo

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Hi Community members, :wave:

Our Onboarding Webinar Series is back with another session, and this time, we will show you how to efficiently test and validate APIs using Katalon Studio.

Key takeaways

  • Understanding the basics of API testing
  • Hands-on experience: Witness real-time demonstrations of API test case creation, execution, and result analysis using Katalon Studio.
  • Exploring the Katalon Platform: Discover the comprehensive capabilities of the Katalon Studio, including the built-in API testing toolset, intuitive UI, and powerful scripting capabilities that streamline your testing workflow.

Our Speakers

:information_source: This webinar also mark our first collaboration with Ibadullah Khan (@ibad3333), one of our Katalon Creators.

Ibadullah Khan Vaibhav Jain
Ibadullah Khan - Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Etisalat UAE Vaibhav Jain - Partner Solution Engineer at Katalon, Inc.
Ibadullah is an outcome-driven Automation Engineer and he has extensive experience in Quality Assurance with functional automation as well as non-functional Automation He has participated in enabling organization in implementation of automation practices that have resulted in measurable process improvements, time management and increased efficiency. Vaibhav has over 11 years of experience in the software testing industry in multiple roles as responsible for the assurance, management and association of automation using multiple automation tools. At Katalon, he is a solution engineer to help partners/customers obtain empowerment with katalon and helped them with technical challenges.

Save your seat

As always, feel free to comment below any questions you may have about API Testing using the Katalon Platform, and our speakers will address them in the webinar :+1:

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This is Part 3 of Season 2 of our Onboarding Webinar Series - designed to help you onboard with the Katalon Platform easily, whether you are a seasoned software tester or a newbie to the field.

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