Webdriver /Chrome 115/ Hotfix

Today we have released a last minute hotfix for Katalon Studio. Indeed, this release fixes a bug as some users are unable to start KS 8.6.5 on Windows 10 and 11, which is critical for our user retention strategy. Please find here the highlight of this hotfix which bring so much value :


  • Upgraded WebDriverManager to version 5.4.1 to allow in-app upgrade webdriver to Chrome version 115 and newer.
  • Added Edge 115 and Chrome 116 compatibility.

Bug fixed:

  • Unable to update Webdriver to Chrome 115 using Tools > Update Webdrivers > Chrome. This issue happened due to the change of Chrome on July 13, 2023, when Chrome released Chrome for Testing, a new Chrome flavor that specifically targets web app testing and automation use cases. See STUDIO-4214.
  • [Intermittent] Unable to start Katalon Studio 8.6.5 on some Windows 10 and Windows 11 machines with an error: Failed to load the JNI shared library. See STUDIO-4215.
  • Adjusted the Register link in the Activation dialog to the sign-up page of the Katalon website.

Forum threads:


@mike.verinder The fix works for our QA team, thanks to the Katalon team for the fast fix!


Great! @mike.verinder , thank you for quick fixes