Web Service Smoke Test functionality - GUI output is blank

## OS = Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 bit.

## Katalon Studio Version = 5.4.2

## Katalon Studio logs = N/A

## Environment (for Web testing) - N/A
Browser N/A
## Environment (for Mobile testing) - N/A
* Appium version N/A
* Mobile platform/version under test N/A
* Real device or emulator/simulator N/A
* Xcode version N/A
* Appium Logs N/A
* Application file - N/A

## Expected Behavior and steps - I have used the Object Repository to create a new Web Service Request object for my RESTful web service test. The image attached demonstrates this. When I click the “Test Request” button, I observe no output at all within the Response panel to the right of the “Test Request” button. There is nothing wrong with my web service call and I have verified this by writing a test that makes use of this call successfully (and the screenshot attached demonstrates that I am able to make use of this). It simply looks like no output is being displayed within the GUI when “Test Request” is clicked. I have looked at historical versions of your help files as well as the up to date help files and the historical help files suggest this “Response” pane within the GUI should be populated with the response of the “Test Request”. There is nothing in the log files to suggest this “Test Request” has been processed.

## Actual Behavior - Nothing is displayed.

## Screenshots / Videos

Screenshot of error message attached.

Blank Web Service Smoke Test Output.jpg

Please help to attach Katalon Studio logs also

Hello, Log file attached for 3rd July activity.

3rd July log.txt