Web Service Request, unable to set url port with a variable


I am currently working on Web Service testing, and I have encountered a problem.
While setting the url to hit with a host variable and a port one, I am unable to save and get an blank error panel.
My url should be in the http://${host}:${port}/ format. After some tests, it appears that the error occurs when the character $ follow the character :, only in the current version (5.10.1).

Below a screen of the error I get:


have you tried escaping the character?

WebUI.openBrowser('http://$/{host}:${port}/', FailureHandling.CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE)


WebUI.openBrowser('http:///${host}:${port}/', FailureHandling.CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE)

Pretty sure it’s the first one

Hi, thank’s for answering, but the problem is not here, it’s my Web Service Request Object that get an error.

Hi @odin.servely,
Can you send us the error log file? You can get it via Help -> Error Log

Hi @huynguyen,
Sure, the error I get is a null pointer exception, I had to convert in .txt to upload otherwise non authorized.
The error is the latest.
log.txt (751.2 KB)

We have investigated the issue and found the root cause. The problem lies in Katalon’s lack of support for parsing URL when port is defined as a variable, not a number. We will improve this in the next release of Katalon Studio. In the mean time, can you try defining the host and port as a whole, with a single variable? I suppose they often go together in test scenarios. Correct me if I’m wrong :smiley:

Thank’s for your answer, I ended up doing it in a single variable !
Separate the port and host is useful for us because we use them both distinctly for our environment, but there’s no big deal using a single variable.
Just catchin the error :grin:
Thank’s again !

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@odin.servely, the issue has been fixed since version 6.0.6. You can download new versions and try it out.

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