Web recorder stops recording actions after adding a custom keyword

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I’m building a Proof of Concept

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I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected

Operating System

macOS 12.1

Katalon Studio Version

Version 8.2.5; Build 208

Katalon Studio logs

katalon.log (522.3 KB)

Screenshots / Videos

In this video, I record a test case using Chrome. I can add the initial actions without a problem. However, when I manually try to add a custom keyword from the Applitools plugin, screen recording fails to add any other actions I take on the browser. I tried pausing and restarting recording. I also tried manually adding other actions, and those did not cause the bug.

Environment (for Web testing):

Chrome 97

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Katalon Studio Enterprise
  2. Configure the Applitools plugin
  3. Start web recording for a test
  4. Start recording on Chrome
  5. Expand the recording window
  6. Take a few actions on the browser - they will be recorded in the window
  7. Add an action for a custom keyword - I used Applitools “check window”
  8. Set the input value for the keyword
  9. Attempt to record other actions in the browser - they will no longer be captured

Expected Behavior:

I should be able to continue recording actions.

Actual Behavior:

After adding the custom keyword, I cannot capture any more actions from the browser during the recording session.


Not sure if Katalon Studio supports it for Customized Keywords or not. Same behaviors with previous versions. However, your concern is interesting. Below is the solution

  1. From your step adding CustomKeyword, add a another WebUI Keyword, example open browser
  2. After that you are able to continue to record

Beside that, there are different ways to by passed this one: Disable/enable test step, save current recording to test case, then continue with appending script to new test case

Hope it is useful and you are able to continue to record.


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