Web Record function drops logged in status in custom chrome profile on macOS

Hello Community! I will give you a brief backstory to make a topic easier to understand:
The task is to create automated tests for the website which can be only accessed after logging in.
As an employee, I have access to an admin panel domain where you can “impersonate” any registered user.
The plan was to run a custom Chrome Profile instance in the “Web Record” function, with a pre-logged-in admin panel user to impersonate a profile and get to the actual website to create automated tests.

I make it that complicated because we mostly support Google/Facebook/AppleID login methods, which are not friendly towards Webdriver as far as I’m concerned. There is another way to log in using the usual email+pw, but for that I would have to manually create pw for each testing account, which is great to avoid for the sake of time

On the Windows PC, it works perfectly well and I’m instantly logged in in the admin panel, but on macOS, when it opens the browser using “Web Record” the profile admin panel profile is not logged in.
Basically, on a Windows, I’m instantly logged in (because previously I logged in manually and the browser usually remembers it), but on a macOS, with the same Chrome profile and same logging-in process prior to recording the browser, I’m not logged in. Looks like on macOS when a ChromeDriver starts, it drops all cookies/clears cache
Any ideas or help will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Anyone can please help this.