Web element (button) "Upload files" unresponsive with Katalon

Windows 7 Professional
Chrome Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Katalon 5.8.0

I am automating a site and it works fine. At a point the website pops up a window with a button to upload a file from harddisk.

The button has:
xpath: //*[@id=“importerForm:j_id_2h_zv_input”]
id: importerForm:j_id_2h_zv_input

The button is responsive to Chrome’s “Inspect” and leaves all information.
But Katalon does not click on it no matter what I do. No answer no nothing, No error.

If I click by hand when Katalon is at that point the window opens and I can load the file.
Katalon doesn’t stop the execution (at the moment of troubleshooting this is my last step) rather passes the point and ends the script.

If I use Katalon Record all steps are recorded except for that button. However it opens fine by hand when Katalon reaches that point but Katalon acts as if nothing happened.

Any clue? It says “choose files” in danish.

It is the blue button: