We are working on the visual testing (image comparison) feature on TestOps

Hi everyone,

Hope this will be exciting news for you all. We are working on the visual regression feature on TestOps. You can capture screenshots in test cases and submit them to the TestOps server, where they will be compared with predefined baseline images and the differences will be highlighted. This function would also work with non-Katalon Studio tests.

We expect to roll out the first beta version in three weeks. Frankly, it will only have basic functions, but we are open for suggestions and requests from now.

Happy testing!


Good to hear from you Alex!

Will it be possible for the new feature to capture a defined area?

Will the feature capture the entire browser window? Sometimes the URL is a vital piece of information…


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@devalex88 Will this be released as a stand alone feature ? I know TestOps will be released as a paid feature in future but this image comparison feature will be very helpful for organizations who use Katalon but not TestOps.


Hi. This is a great suggestion. If the window cannot be capture, we will try to keep these extra information as metadata.

Thank you. Could you please clarify the “standalone feature” part?


Nice to hear from you. You are alive! Have you seen the following post about you?


It’s all great. However, I would love to have TestOps on-premise version first.



Is it possible to use this also for documents like .pdf?

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As for PDF comparison, I think you should buy Adobe Acrobat DC.


An early release of TestOps Vision is available now!

@devalex88 Sorry for delay in reply, By standalone I mean if this feature will be built into studio itself so that we can use it without testops ? Some users might not have TestOps subscription ?