Warning java.nio.channels.ClosedByInterruptException

At each opening of Katalon, I have a warning message:

Unable to open HTTP Bodyeditor.

I notice that KS does not stop at all the mistakes he should have, and that he is now making me a real false test case

I work with:
the Katalon studio version 7.0.4
I use the default JDK 1.8

I just noticed when I was doing, the change of JRE in:
Window / preference of Katalon / Java / Installed JREs
Execution Environments

Using the JRE 1.8.0_231 I am no longer the error message

And for so much the version of my JRE in my PC is JRE 1.8.0_201


I get the impression that there is a problem with the version of JRE. Can a person light me a little bit about this?

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