Want to pass as argument Message to WebUI.verifyEqual(message, actual, expected)

  • OS : Windows 7
  • Katalon Studio Version :
  • Katalon Studio logs: I think log is not necessary for this case
  • Environment (for Web testing): Firefox 52.6
  • Environment (for Mobile testing): N/A

Steps to reproduce problem

I made a Test case as follows:

allLinks = WebUI.getAllLinksOnCurrentPage(true, [])
allLinks.each({ def link ->
        if (shouldCheckForAccesibility(link)) {
            boolean result = CustomKeywords.'com.happymigration.UrlUtils.verifyUrlAccessible'(link)            WS.comment('Verifying a link to ' + link)
            WS.verifyEqual(true, result, FailureHandling.CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE)
        Thread.sleep(500 /* wait for 0.5 second,  to be gentle for the targeted site */)
def shouldCheckForAccesibility(String url) {
if (!url.startsWith('http://') && !url.startsWith('https://')) return false
if (url.contains(GlobalVariable.G_Hostname)) return false
    if (url.contains('style.nikkei.com')) return false
    if (url.contains('font-awesome')) return false
    if (url.contains('fonts.googleapis.com')) return false
    if (url.contains('www.facebook.com')) return false
    if (url.contains('twitter.com')) return false
    return true

Actual Behavior

When run, WS.verifyEqual(obj1, obj2) emitted messages as follows:

INFO 02-27-2018 04:48:39 午後 Verifying a link to 404 Not Found
FAILED 02-27-2018 04:48:39 午後 Unable to verifyequal between actuial object ‘true’ and expected object ‘false’ (Root cause: Actual object ‘true’ and expected object ‘false’ are not equal)

Are you kidding me? The message “true and false are not equal” is totally useless, waste of space.


Proposed Behavior

I want to code like this:

        if (shouldCheckForAccesibility(link)) {
            boolean result = CustomKeywords.'com.happymigration.UrlUtils.verifyUrlAccessible'(link)            String msg = 'Verifying a link to ' + link + ': NG'
            WS.verifyEqual(msg, true, result, FailureHandling.CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE)

and I would expect to have only a single line of FAILED message like this:

FAILED 02-27-2018 04:48:39 午後 Verifying a link to 404 Not Found NG

The idea of passing failure message as argument to assertion methds comes from JUnit. JUnit’s assertEqual method accepts String message which will be emitted in the FAILURE message.
Assert (JUnit API)(java.lang.String, java.lang.Object, java.lang.Object)

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Hi @4280-kazurayam,

Thank you for your feedback. I have logged a ticket for the team to discuss. In the meantime, please create a custom keyword to assertEqual and print only preferred messages.

Thanks again for using Katalon Studio,

same case with me its still not fixed :frowning:

Please have a look at

I have got a custom keyword which enables you to emit custom message on assertion failure