Wait until the API Response has the desired value

Hello All,

Could someone help with this scenario?

I am firing a request and in the response, I should wait till the status is Valid. But I don’t know when it will change to valid.

Based on the load it might wait. It can come up in 5 secs or even takes 2 mins also

If it is UI, we can wait until the page loads. As this is an API, how to wait

Hi @sudheer.dj,
When Katalon sends a request, it will wait until it gets a response.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes as you said the response will wait until it is valid.

But my scenario is “To build a catalog” Basically it will have a set of items. As soon as the request is hit server will process it and gives back the response with some status Intilialization, Processing, or done. Due to server load, it might take some time to get the status to ‘Done’.

I need to wait till the status is moved to Done. We don’t any built-in wait keywords as in WebUI for Webservice request.

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Sudheer, did you ever figure out how to do this?