Wait keyword real-time elapsed time feedback

When the delay keyword is used, it would be very useful if there was a real-time feedback on the ellapsed time.

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but…

This is highly unlikely to gain votes.

  1. WebUI.delay() uses Thread.sleep which doesn’t provide for that kind of feedback.

  2. Most automation testing is done “blind” (headless, multiple suites running for many hours, remote execution environments) so no one would be “there” to “see” this kind of output.

But what do I know… maybe there’s 10,000 users out there that like to watch paint dry (sorry, that was sarcastic). :wink:


i may be not in that 10000 range so … my opinion:
will be useless such feature.
if performance testing is needed, follow an apropiate aproach.
function tests should be limited to their scope - do something > assert that. the more verbosity, the more a bussines manager will be confused when reading results.
verbosity should be kept at dev/debug level and an experienced aqa developer will know what to do to investigate

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To add to the above two points, I would also say that the WebUI.delay() method shouldn’t be used frequently (or at all…) in your scripts anyway. It’s much better practice to use WebUI.waitForElement_() conditions.


For which there is a report for the time taken.


All good arguments guys, but I forgot to mention I am using waits for testing systems integration in cases where I know it will take x minutes for a batch to be sent from one system to another.

Also, my goal was for following up while developing, not for reporting or anything else.

Anyways, not a very popular suggestion for must use cases I guess.

Ah, now that is a little different.

Did you consider writing your own? Perhaps a while(true){ ... } loop that takes a timeout value?

well … as i said, a debugger/developer will know what to do.
write your own keyword to get current time, wait until condition, get the time again, log the time spent

Hi guys, yes, I believe writing my own code will be better in this case. Thanks.