Video Capturing - Black video when capturing unattended

I run a suite of tests every night and have the video capturing feature enabled.
This runs from a scheduled task in a Windows 7 VM, executing a cmd generated with Katalon.
I access the machine using Remote Desktop.
The video is captured fine if I am seeing the screen, however, if I minimize Remote Desktop or if I am not logged in to the VM, the video capture goes black and no frames are captured.

Anyone facing this and does anyone know a workaround?


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Bumping this because I also faced this issue recently. I have tests scheduled to run on a Windows VM every morning and I recently enabled video recording for failed cases, but the video that was captured is a black screen (although for a split second at the very beginning of the videos I can see the mouse pointer in the top left corner).

Hi @SMyrick, @jp12 check out this topic Test is stopped automatically after close the windows remote desktop connection

Also, more concrete for the recording, check this out:

Hope it helps