Version control of Katalon

Since we have to execute the scripts in many Hosted Virtual Desktops, please suggest how to handle the version control and upgrades of Katalon that is frequent. What impacts could it have on the existing scripts?


I have very similar concerns. For example…

1 - Will any new version of KS need to modify project files to such an extent that they are no longer usable by a previous version? That could prove to be dangerous.

2 - When will @Katalon Team publish a proper, verifiable set of release notes with documented bug fixes? KS is meant to be part of a QA solution yet itself acts as though it is exempt from sound engineering practices.

3 - When will @Katalon Team introduce a proper bugtracker where issues can be reported and tracked? Again, QA solutions should provide this kind of thing out of the box. This vague “I’ll raise a ticket” by various team members seemingly subjected to their whims is essentially random and does not lend itself to a professional engineering solution.

Reminder: I think KS is a fabulous tool but the infrastructure surrounding it still has some way to go.



hi Thabithal and Russ,

Thank you so much for your detail suggestions. We understood the compatible issues as well as the bug-reported system.

Firstly, for the versioning, will git (or other sources control system) help the case? We have the bug reported list internally and currently, they all have higher priority than the feature request. We sometimes in the past made the list public, but it was not fit and work well with the situation. Let’s us consider the issue again.

One more time, thank you so much for using Katalon Studio and suggest to us valuable suggestion.