Version 7.0.1: Check for updates option is not available under help menu

I noticed that in the new version 7.0.1 ‘Check for updates’ option is not available under the 1-Check%20for%20updates%20option%20is%20not%20available help menu. Is this option removed or moved to some other location?

I’m also curious about this, had a quick look around but couldn’t find anything.

I’m on v7.0.1 and if I go to the about screen it even says a new version is available v7.0.3 but no options to then update from there either.


moved away under the licensing, i guess

Hi @Bhawna_Rani, @Tyler_Prada, @Timo_Kuisma,

Please download v7.0.3, we are sorry for this issue.


It is not showing version v7.0.3. Shows only 7.0.2

@duyluong Thanks downloaded 7.0.4 and update option is available there.

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