Version 6.3.4 (Beta)

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This improvement is blocking me from activating Katalon 6.3.4 Beta:

  • Support selecting a Katalon Analytics’s organization on the activation.

It fails with the message: Cannot get organizations.

As the use of ‘Organizations’ is related to Katalon Analytics it shouldn’t be mandatory to have any.
We don’t use Katalon Analytics and aren’t going to use it either, so we don’t have anything registered.

I’m currently running a POC on Katalon to see if it’s a good application for us to use.
I was looking at version 6.3.4 Beta to see if the plugins can be used offline (this is a must for us!) but am now unable to check it.

I just logged in on Analytics and saw that an organization is present (probably default) but I still get the same error message when trying to activate Katalon 6.3.4. Beta.