Version 6.3.1 No test reports history anymore

Was the test reports history removed from the new version? I can’t seem to find it anymore. Now I can only find the last execution result from the Result tab, but no previous results. Being able to see the older results gave some good information about where the tests would fail more often and how to improve them etc…

I saw that too. You have to go in Resultat tab and then Export to pdf or html to save it.
Update : Can't open test reports

Won’t work, it will only export the last test result. Directly in the reports directory folder, however, all other reports are also contained.

6.3.0 and 6.3.2.

Is it intended to only show the last execution result?

I noticed this as well. The Result tab only shows the most recent execution, and only if it occurred in the same session as the one you’re currently in (if you close KS you will be unable to view that report). It looks like all of the folders and files are retained from previous versions, but they are no longer viewable within the IDE. Hopefully we reach a point where both options are present (although I believe the Result tab would be a bit redundant in that instance).

Why did they do this? They didn’t even mention it in any release notes from what I know.

An oversight, potentially. I’m sure the idea was to move us out of the Reports folder and into the Result tabs.

I have same behavior after installing version 6.3.2
My folder “Reports” just disappeared from left menu !

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