Version 5.10.1

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Hi Katalon Team,
looks WEB Spy is not working in 5.10.1 version,
OR let me know if there is new way to capture webelements.
I am trying with ‘alt’ + ‘~’ its now working and even element is not highlights after browser open in Spy Web.

Please help me if i am doing wrong somewhere.

Team Katalon,
Please let me know, how to get lower version of Katalon, like: 5.7 or 5.8


You can download them here:


Some objects in certain websites (MS dynamics 365 crm) do not get picked up in the spy web but they do get picked up and saved to the object repository when recording a testcase. Not sure why but i see this as a issue with the spy web.

Also i would be nice to select the page and it adds all the objects to the repository for that page, like QTP/UFT does.


Darren Stride

Hi All,

In 5.10.1 Version we are unable to Record using Object Spy recorder.
Please suggest in which version it works perfectly.