verifyImagePresent fails in headless mode

I am having a problem. I am setting up my objects with reference image ONLY. This is supposed to be a visual inspect for this series of tests. When I run Katalon normal it will pass and see the objects with verifyImagePresent. However if I run headless it always fails.

Is anyone else having this problem? One of our developers is working on a interface test with storybook and asked my team to write up automation to verify the images match each time. There end goal is to run this via a trigger headless and have it report back if items all still match.

There are probably a few people here that can help with this. I’ll name drop @Mate_Mrse since I’m sure he’s done quite extensive headless testing. (You don’t need to do anything @B_L, Mate will see this when he appears online).

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Well, the only thing that springs to my mind is making sure your screen resolution is sufficiently high so the image actually shows up in the viewport. See

on how to set the screen resolution for the headless mode.


Still seems like it’s not full screen in the screenshots :S

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Maybe window-size would work. :slight_smile:

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1920x1080 is a pretty big widow.

@Marek_Melocik thank you, typo :s
@Mate_Mrse I was aiming for full screen and that is my screen resolution

Adjusting this to window with this on headless is helping with first part.

Thank you all so far for your assistance.

I know, I was just joking. :slight_smile:

I know that… I did…promise lol :slight_smile: