verifyElementChecked functional issue


I have used the following code for verifyElementChecked

boolean statusverify=WebUI.verifyElementChecked( findTestObject ("Object Repository/Page_ - Mail SMS - Queue Log/input_Key_Chk_sub"), 10, FailureHandling. CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE )

It continues running the test case and if this method returns false as an error occured in the test case.

Can you suggest some solutions to make this error not happen.

Thanks in advance

Can you post the error?

As you have put the error handling as Continue on failure, It will always continue even after failing. Second if the it is checked then it will return true. You check if(( WebUI.verifyElementChecked( findTestObject (“Object Repository/Page_ - Mail SMS - Queue Log/input_Key_Chk_sub”), 10, FailureHandling. CONTINUE_ON_FAILURE ))) it will execute and check if checked the it will do the if part otherwise go for else part.