verifyAllLinksOnCurrentPageAccessible - definition of Accessible?

How is a link verified as “accessible”?
Is it based on just the href link?
Does the keyword go out to the referenced link and verify the page?
Is there another method?

I need to verify the link on our pages and need to know what is verified to know whether the keyword will work for me or not.

You can read the source yourself:

Alternatively, you can take a pragmatic approach: break one of your links and see what happens. But be scientific about it, don’t just add a rogue character, try http: against https: and try URLs you know would reject access.

Reason I say all that? I’ve never tried to break it :wink:

‘accesible’ imho means ‘clickable’ (and recognized as link)… not that the url adress is valid.
as an exercise, try using a screen reader (like nvda) and listen how an accesible url is read vs a simple ‘http://something’ text
the term come from accesibility testing. e.g. if the page is properly designed for visual impaired people

you may have to read a bit WCAG guidelines … i think 3.0 is in force now, to find out all criteria. some additional requirements may be needed, e. g the order of reading them etc …

basicly, ‘accesible’ means that a screen reader can properly identify all links and traverse them in the right order (top to botom, left to right)

not sure what the mentioned keyword is doing …