Verify list of dropdown menu items

I am using Katalon Recorder (5.7.4) in Chrome to test a website. I am unable to find any information so far on how to verify all the items listed in a dropdown menu. I have a web page with two dropdown menus - the value of the second menu will change based on the value selected in the first dropdown menu and I need to verify it is properly listing ALL options for the second dropdown menu after changing the selection of the first dropdown menu. How do I verify all of them? Here is what I tried in the recorder and it fails (see picture)-

Never mind - I finally discovered verifyTest IS correct for dropdown menus - the problem was there is an even newer option in that ridiculously long list that was missing. Once I caught that, I edited the list and it did verify the values of the dropdown menu for me.

But at least I got some more research on testing dropdown menus out of the way!

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