Verify if button was clicked

Hello, I’m trying to verify if one button was clicked on my site. This button has different behaviors, when you clicked 1st time and then when it’s clicked for 2nd…n times. Exist any way to check that on Katalon Studio?
Thank you!

That depends mostly on the behaviors you speak of. You’d want your test to verify the outcomes. But with such scant information, it’s hard to suggest much more.


nope, You (Katalon) is one who is clicking buttons… to monitor behaviour of users, you need to implement some of monitoring solutions out there…

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I clicked once and show me something, but the 2nd time show a message suggesting come back tomorrow… Something like that.

So write a test that verifies “something” is visible.

Add another verification that the message is visible.

Really, I’m not sure what you’re expecting from me/us. Did you think we would write your tests for you?

I suggest you start by watching a bunch of videos. Start here:

Of course not!
Thank you

Thank you!