Verify Element Not Present Passing When Element is Present

Hello, I noticed Verify Element Not Present was not working properly while creating a test. To verify this I created a test that uses Verify Element Present and Verify Element Not Present on the same element and the test passed. Verify Element Present received a check mark in the Log Viewer as expected but Verify Element Not Present did not get any icon. When I use Verify Element Not Visible the test works as expected. Katalon Studio is up to date with 7.0.9 Enterprise Trial Version.

Are you hitting this problem?

Yeah that’s exactly what I’m running into thank you for providing the link. It looks like the Katalon team is working on it. I see some people are asserting the keyword for now, the problem is that the tests are much less readable in manual mode with the assert statement. I’m going to leave my tests alone and hope that the functionality is fixed within the next week or two.