Variables cleared on test case (not suite) re-run

I’m finding this to be a pain.

At the start of a test suite, I set a bunch of variables (I’m actually using them as constants in the test suite). But if a test case fails and I need to do a bit of de-bugging, and have to re-run a test case, all the variables (set in a much earlier test case) are cleared, so everything fails.

I really need a way to keep the vars set. Can this be added as an option or is there another way to achieve the same thing?

Probably the fastest way to do this is to select every command that create your variables. You can select them with CTRL button pressed and then CTRL + C and CTRL + V just before before command you want to re-run. Now just use “Play from here” option on the first command you paste so it will declare your variables again.

And if you want to fast delete them after you can use something similar. Select all this commands with CTRL and use CTRL + X.

It’s quite nice workaround i think. :slight_smile: