V5.7 Run Selected Steps Bug: Adding steps which are already defined/recorded

Just upgraded to version 5.7 and have not seen this issue with the web recorder using Chrome until this version.

- Created a new test which does the following: Open Browser → Navigate to URL → Set Text for email address
- Opened Web Recorder to start recording process
- Clicked “yes I do” to continue recording for this existing test case
- Selected first three steps and clicked Run → Run Selected Steps


- Web Recorder adds the setting of the email step again at the bottom of the test. Instead of just stopping at this step.


- Web recorder in prior version 5.5 or 5.6.3 did not function in this way. In the prior versions the test would just stop at the last step and the user would be able to continue with the recording.

I’ve tried and see only 3 selected steps are executed. Can you please try again?