UTF-8 SOAP Response not correctly displayed in right response window

Hello Katalon Team,

while playing with your build in WS part, I found a problem in displaying the SOAP response, which needs to be UTF-8 encoded.

Create a new Object Repository for Soap Webservice

and use this SOAP test endpoint


and send this request

<s11:Envelope xmlns:s11="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:ns1="http://thomas-bayer.com/blz/">

The the right response window will show the plain response text with some bad characters instead the german umlauts, in this case the “ö”

Those are the expected correct values:

ns1:bezeichnungSparkasse KölnBonn</ns1:bezeichnung>

Notice: The console output is ok, the umlauts are correctly shown

Hi Patrik,
This issue will be fixed on the latest release. Please double check again with next version.
Feel free to post any questions or feedback to make Katalon Studio better.

Thanks for choosing Katalon products,

Hi Alice,
I verified it with release 5.5 and it was fixed as expected.
Thank you.

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Hello Alice!
I had a similar problem, like Patrick. I create a RESTful request for verification, I run it in the objects repository, but in response I get data in the WIN1251 encoding, although the response specifies the encoding of UTF-8. However, as a result of the test case that uses this query, I get the correct answer. The problem is only in the representation of Cyrillic symbols in the right block of the response in the object repository. I use the version of Katalon 5.5, tried both 32 version, and 64. I would be very grateful for your help.


Hi Alice,

The same issue is happened to me on Windows 10. The Japanese text in response is garbled and is not encoded in UTF-8. Following is my environment.

  • Windows 10 Pro - Japanese
  • Katalon Studio 5.10.1 64 bit

I had the same issue in Katalon 5.10.1 Windows_64

In SOAPUI it is Ок.

For me with Katalon Studio 5.10.1 the SOAP Weservice response is displayed corrently
But I can confirm that REST API calls are still faulty displayed

Expected strings are:

“Surname” : “Mustermann mit Umlaute ÄÖÜ”,
“Street” : “Hauptstrasse 13 Eurozeichen €”,
“City” : “Köln”,

but displayed are:

“Surname” : “Mustermann mit Umlaute \u00C4\u00D6\u00DC”,
“Street” : “Hauptstrasse 13 Eurozeichen \u20AC”,
“City” : “K\u00F6ln”,

…Ok after sleeping one night, this response with \u**** encoding for “special characters” is as expected, because the server side is doing a JSON String escaping.

Without the encoding on server side, the JSON response looks like this, which is really not readable anymore:

“Surname” : “Mustermann mit Umlaute ÄÖÜ”,
“Street” : “Hauptstrasse 13 Eurozeichen €”,
“City” : “Köln”,

the german umlauts characters are not displayed properly in REST response in windows 10 64bit with Katalon Studio - 6.2.0

In Katalon 6.2.2 characters are still not displayed properly in REST response in windows.

The following post will show you how to fix it.

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