Ussd test in katalon with simulator

Is it possible to test simulator where I only change parameters on url?


Yes, you can with the following steps:

  1. Set Up Mobile Simulator: Set up a mobile simulator or emulator that supports USSD testing. You can use tools like Android Emulator or iOS Simulator to create a virtual mobile environment.
  2. Open Mobile Web Browser: In the simulator, open the mobile web browser and navigate to the URL that triggers the USSD code. The URL should contain the necessary parameters to execute the USSD command.
  3. Use Katalon Studio for Verification: Once you have triggered the USSD code in the simulator, use Katalon Studio to verify the expected results. You can use the WebUI.getText() or WebUI.verifyText() keywords to check if the correct USSD response is displayed on the web page.
  4. Parameterization: If you want to test different scenarios by changing parameters in the URL, you can use Katalon Studio’s Data-Driven Testing feature. Create a test data file (e.g., CSV, Excel, etc.) with different sets of parameters, and then use a loop to iterate through the test data and execute the USSD tests with different URL parameters.

alright, how can I validate and verify output sent to another system. To be specific my last step shows that a message will be sent …, this message can not be displayed in emulator but rather sent to another system. How can I retrieve the message in katalon?

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I think you should add up some logic to capture the output by verifyTextPresent or getResponseBodyContent after you send the request.